Balcony Railings – Home Ideas

Learn about the different balcony railings that exist and get ideas for your own home

Every house that is at a certain height needs railings, initially for security reasons. That is why the primary job in a new house is to find the right balcony railings.

Today, in addition to a protective measure, railings are also used as a decorative object for the house. After all, it is the first thing one sees before entering and the last after leaving the house. That is why choosing the right railing is very important.

For starters, you need to decide the material you want the railings of your home to be. Nowadays there is a plethora of construction materials that can suit every taste. Then you have to decide the color. If you enjoy doing chores at home, you can find a huge variety of colors on the market and paint the railings yourself in the color you want. On the other hand, you can be left in the hands of a specialist who will undertake the painting but will also advise you on the color that best suits your home.

Below we give you some ideas for railings that you can put in your own home!

Iron railings

Iron railings are a classic choice. Iron-metal railings is an unsurpassed timeless solution for the balcony. There are various designs, carved or even simple, so they fit any style. But why choose this classic railing for your house? Iron railings have a very high durability and at the same time minimal maintenance costs. Another advantage is the fact that these railings are usually dark in color and do not stain, so they do not need frequent cleaning. At the same time, they retain their shine for a long time and do not rust. As a result, they are ideal for decorating a balcony that combines classical and elegant.

Wooden railings

If you love the rustic style of decoration with the wooden element prevailing throughout your home, then wooden railings in earthy colors is the choice for you. A complete rustic home decor could not but contain wooden balcony railings. The railings can be made of natural or industrial wood and varnished with a special varnish, so that they are waterproof. As for the economic issue, prices fluctuate, which is mainly due to the type of wood.

Glass railings

For a more modern touch, many people choose glass railings. Typically, glass railings consist of a large, glass façade and a metal casing. The housing is necessary so that the glass rests securely on the floor and wall. Of course, the glass is very durable, which does not risk breaking from daily stress. Therefore, you do not run any risk, as long as it is installed by an experienced professional.

Aluminum railings

If you are a fan of modern, minimalist style and you are looking for something economical, aluminum railings is the choice for you. Aluminum is a lightweight material with easy application and its installation is not a time consuming process. It offers simplicity in appearance, but also high resistance to stress. Another advantage of aluminum railings is the fact that they do not need frequent cleaning and their components can be easily found on the market and at very affordable prices. These are some of the reasons why more and more people are turning to aluminum railings.

Cement railings

If you have a large balcony and you like the classic and aristocratic style, cement railings is the right choice for you. Usually people who choose cement railings prefer small pillars-columns in white color that gives a classy air to the house. Also, their low height does not prevent the wonderful view you enjoy from your balcony.

Combination of materials

One can choose a combination of materials for the railings of the balcony. A truly modern and aesthetically pleasing result can also occur if you combine 2 materials with each other. For example, you can combine the wooden casing with metal bars made of iron or aluminum. In general, the combination of materials will allow you to reap all the benefits offered by the 2 different materials. Also, the combination gives you the confidence that your choice is unique and fully represents the style you want to give to your house.

You can contactan experienced professional in the field, who will help you realize the ideal image you have envisioned for your home.

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